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We have a selection of top quality band saw machines available. Our great range of both new and second-hand bandsaw machines have been selected from some of the leading power tool manufacturers in the marketplace to ensure that we offer quality products and total practicality.

Band saws come in many sizes and prices. A band saw is a powered saw consisting of a long, serrated blade that is placed through a flat table, allowing you to cut and trim a host of wood and other materials.

A resaw is a large scale band saw that is optimised for the cutting and trimming of timber along the grain. They are powered with a long, wide blade that is placed in between a table, allowing you to feed timber through the blade for the cut you need.

Band saw and resaws are a labour saver for those that find themselves regularly working in the woodwork and lumber industries. Band saws offer a level of speed, finish and quality that you can not find in a common hand saw, saving you time and money in the long run.

Smaller sized workshops and industrial woodworkers alike will find use in a band saw, bringing heavy-duty cutting capacities and ease for the needs of joiners and woodworkers. Band saws and Resaws allow for greater accuracy and control when compared to other saw formats.

If you have any questions about our band saw machinery – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
Our Bandsaws

Supplied by top-quality manufacturer SCM, all of our bandsaws offer exceptional precision whilst maintaining a neat, compact, table-like structure. Fit for both smaller and larger workshops with demanding workloads.

Our range includes low-investment models for craftsmen who require less complex machining but still require great accuracy and durability. We also stock higher-end options for craftsmen with demanding, complex workloads are looking for long-term investment into productivity and efficiency.


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