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Category: Combined Universal Machines

As the name may suggest, a combined universal machine (or combination machine) is an all-in-one style woodworking appliance that encompasses a range of crucial woodworking functions. Without these machines, each function would require its own dedicated machine and with each of these machines taking up a fair amount of space, this can easily lead to a cramped and inefficient workshop. Thankfully, these compact, highly functional, utilitarian machines provide an array of functions whilst taking up a fraction of the space.

Functions of Combined Universal Machines

Surface Planing – enables you to accurately shape a workpiece into obtaining perfectly flat, straightened surfaces.

Thickness Planing – performs similar functions to a surface planer but with a focus on the depth and thickness of a workpiece.

Cutting – for fast and precise cutting of a workpiece. Usually with a precision, circular blade.

Milling & Trimming – enables you to create grooves, tenons, poles and shaped profiles.

Drilling & Slots – allows for the creation of slots and holes.

Being the perfect tool for small businesses with limited space, these machines are also excellently suited towards hobbyists and less intensive craftsmen as they deliver a workshop’s worth of functions in one compact table. Especially considering they have a relatively affordable and cost-effective price tag, Combined Universal Machines will prove a great long-term investm


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