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Cramps are an essential piece of equipment used in the production of both door and window frames. They can be purchased in either the hydraulic or pneumatic format, depending on your preference and company requirements. The hydraulic format is for the heavier joinery and frame type work, they are simple to use and to adjust, and are very good for space-saving.

A vertical hydraulic frame cramp is used for the production of windows and doors. The vertical beams of the machine allow for easy sliding from the side for side depending on the needs of your work. The vertical and horizontal cylinders fitted onto the machine provide fast and secure size setting thanks to an adjustable, looking system and counterbalancing weights.

The pneumatic format is used for kitchen and bedroom doors and for the cramping of window sashes. It works by pushing the joints tight and once glued, it keeps the sash or door square while the glue dries or staples are being put in. A cramp is required for making a tight joint, though they have their uses in holding down wooden frames and other wood items whilst they are being worked on.

The SCM formula series are regarded for their great value and professional set up. If you are unsure as to which woodworking cramp will be best suited to your woodworking needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Our woodworking cramps

At RJ Woodworking, the woodworking cramps that we stock are capable of a host of joinery and framework to the requirements of woodworkers. All of our cramp machines are supplied by SCM, they provide simple hydraulic cylinder adjustment, lower cast iron supports and an intuitive control panel. The SCM formula line of cramps will make an excellent addition to your workshop and provide quality window and door cramping.


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