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When it comes to creating cylindrical pieces for your projects, a lathe is a very important piece of equipment that is key in any woodworking shop or DIY hobbyist workshop. A wood lathe machine allows you to create high-quality, beautiful pieces that are cut, carved and shaped to your needs. Wood lathes provide woodworkers with the ability to create unique pieces for use in many different areas of woodworking.

A lathe will allow the piece you are working on to rotate at a constant speed so it can be easily worked on whilst you perform a variety of functions; from cutting, sanding, knurling, facing and even turning. Simply by applying tools like chisels and knives to the workpiece an object with symmetry can be created and finished. Any workshop creating furniture or even spindles for bannisters isn’t complete without a lathe in their bank of tools.

Types of Lathes

Bench Lathes – are small machines mounted on a special bench or cabinet
Speed Lathes – have a high-speed spindle which can be operated in 3 to 4 different speeds
Engine Lathes – come in sizes up to 60 feet and they are used for low and high power operations in various industries
Tool Room Lathes – are precise and accurate, used on products like metal die, precision tools, jigs and fixtures
Capstan and Turret Lathes – are used for mass production, reduce error and save time
Automatic Lathes – enhance the quality and the quantity of production
Special Purpose Lathes – are constructed for special product making such as automatic lathes, crankshaft lathes and wheel lathes.

Our lathes

At RJ Woodworking, the lathes that we offer cater to the needs of both professional and DIY woodworkers. All of our machines are supplied by SCM, under the Minimax label, guaranteeing long-lasting precision and featuring comprehensive operational tools. Each lathe will make an excellent addition to your workshop and provide fine detailing options for any workpiece that requires it.


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