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Ultra robust and unmatched in their strength, presses are a crucial tool for any workshop or craftsmen producing doors and windows (and more). These machines are used to press together separate workpieces into one single product. The strength of your average press makes for seamless and defect-free combining of workpieces and leaves a market-friendly, attractive looking product.

At RJ Woodworking, all of our presses are hydraulic heat presses that are more than capable of tackling large woodworking jobs and even more. However, there is a range of other presses out there which are suited to different workplaces with different requirements. These include:

Manually Operated Press – these are small presses operated by hand. They are usually mounted onto tabletops and are used for small woodworking tasks.

Electric Motor Operated Press – lacking the use of pumps and motors, these presses grant quiet, clean operation and will make a great fit for modern, less conventional workshops.

Pneumatic Press – By using compressed air as their power source, these presses maintain excellent functionality at a cheap, cost-effective price.

Hydraulic presses are usually the go-to type of press for craftsmen with demanding workloads which require high-quality processing. They offer exceptional strength that other presses simply aren’t capable of whilst staying relatively quiet and quick when machining.
Our Presses

All of our presses are manufactured by SCM and offer exceptional durability and effectiveness. Perfect for a long-term investment, these presses will sustain frequent usage for years and years to come without suffering negative impacts on the strength and effectiveness of the machine.

Each press grants you additional functionality that any high-end press should. These features include the monitoring of the pressure (so that you can operate the machine to your liking and requirements), variable temperature (for similar reasons, more flexibility for varying workpieces), press times and automatic switch on.


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