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Like a lock and key, tenons are the protruding shapes which fit into a mortice so that two wooden components can be seamlessly joined together. Naturally, a tenoner is the machine that is used to create the tenon and is an integral part of any workshop that produces chairs, tables, other types of furniture and more. Along with a mortiser, a tenoner will allow you to produce full, finished furniture with clean, natural-looking joints.

Whilst performing a core function of any woodworking workshop, tenoners are also quick and speedy to use and are capable of outputting great amounts of tenoned wood. With this kind of high productivity and by taking up a fraction of the space compared to other machines, a tenoner will provide a significant boost to the efficiency and productivity of any workshop.

Types of Tenoners

With two main types of tenoners, each one is suited to the type of product you’re producing. These include:

Single-ended tenoners – these are designed to machine one single end of a workpiece at a time. Suitable for any pieces that have just one tenoned end rather than two. Typically used for products like chair legs and stair spindles.

Double-ended tenoners – unlike single-ended tenoners, these are designed to machine workpieces which have two tenoned ends rather than the more common, single ends. Usually used for panels, doors and other components.

Stocking an array of advanced tenoners from Vertongen, each of our tenoners incorporate cutting-edge technology that will oversee high-precision, defect-free tenoning work fit for the most demanding and professional of woodworkers. Each Vertongen machine offers unmatched rigidity and excellent functionality.

We also stock tenoners from Sedgwick who’s traditionally built, expertly engineered machines also offer exceptional functionality when tenoning. These compact machines are a great fit for both professional craftsmen and hobbyists alike.


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