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Panel Saws Vs Wall Saws

Although they share an almost identical process, Panel Saws and Wall Saws have a few key differences that make them suited towards different types of workshops. However, at their core, both machines are used to cut large wooden panels into smaller planks – making them easier to use as components and easier to store, transport or even discard.

What are Panel Saws and Wall Saws?

Often referred to as “Horizontal Panel Saws”, Panel Saws are large saws that come in worktable form. They’ll typically fit well into medium and large workshops but may be too big for smaller workshops that are cramped and short of space. Of course, smaller panel saws are available, but finding one to fit a cramped workshop may be difficult.

Spinning blade on a Panel Saw

Typically, panel Saws have a single spinning blade in the centre of the table – when smachining, the operator slides the workpiece into the blade to make a clean, precise cut. Although similar to a standard Table Saw, woodworkers will often struggle to process larger workpieces with a Table Saw. This is made easier with Panel Saws as the blade is usually much larger and the table itself (as mentioned) is bulkier.

Commonly referred to as “Vertical Panel Saws”, Wall Saws are vertically mounted Panel Saws that are especially useful for smaller workshops due to them taking up very little floor space. Unlike Horizontal Panel Saws, Wall Saws can fit into workshops of any size, no matter how big or small.

A mounted Wall Saw in a workshop

Whereas a Horizontal Panel Saw features a single blade centred on a table, Wall Saws are rectangular shaped, flat panels that have a draggable blade. These blades are capable of making two types of cuts – cross-cuts (vertical cuts) and strip cuts (horizontal cuts).

Uses of Panel Saws and Wall Saws

The primary uses of these saws include:

  • Cutting large wooden panels into small planks
  • Resizing particleboards, plywood and MDF
  • Crafting furniture (especially cabinets, tables and chairs
  • Crafting sheds, cabins and other similar roofed structures

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