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Planer Moulders

Planer Moulders are a popular machine for those working in the woodworking industry on any level. 

What is a Planer Moulder?

These machines plane and mould the longitudinal processing of plain pieces of solid wood or panels such as MDF. Wood is shaped using a profile cutter which is mounted in the shaft of the machine, many planer moulders also can serve as a wood jointer as well. The main function of this piece of equipment is to create a profile to the edge of a plain piece of timber creating something that is far more appealing to the eye and can serve a more decorative purpose.

A planer moulder is a member of the planer family of woodworking machinery. A planer moulder is composed of two functions, a planer and a moulder. The planer allows you to feed your wood piece or board through the machine to provide an even thickness across the entire piece, this works for both straight and curved boards respectively. The moulder then allows for the shaping and moulding of the wood to your needs. 4 Sided Planers can plane your wood on all 4 sides can make the machining process faster and far more efficient.

Our Planer Moulders:

At RJ Woodworking, we stock a range of planer moulders and 4-sided planers that cater to the needs of both professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts alike. All of our planer moulders are supplied by the SCM Group. This industry leader is a trusted name in machinery design, development and manufacturing.

SCM planer moulders feature comprehensive power feed elements and a Tersa cutter block. These 4 head through-feed planers are quality instruments that guarantee a quality finish. No matter which planer moulder you choose, it will make an excellent addition to your workshop.

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