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Category: Cehisa Edgebanders

Stocking a range of Cehisa’s top-quality edgebanders, we have a full range of edge banding machinery that caters for workshops of all abilities.

Edge banding machines are the perfect solution to those unsightly edges of your sheet goods, such as plyboard, polyester, formica or even melamine, and they’re used to apply thick PVC, wood tape, thin tape and more. This increases durability and gives the appearance of a solid or more high-cost material. The thickness of an edgebander can vary from .018″ to 5mm or more. Whilst these materials have numerous advantages over solid wood for the manufacture of doors and cabinets, the unsightly edges can present something of a problem. Edgebanders offer the perfect solution to this, and when you are working with higher volumes, then an edgebanding machine is most definitely the way forward.

There are different types of edgebanding machines, and depending on your needs, you can choose from Laser Edgebanders, Hot Air Edgebanders, EVA/PUR Hot Melt Edgebanders and Contour/BAZ Edgebanders/Vector.

Types of Edgebanders

With an array of edgebanders that each have different methods of reaching the same goal, the following list gives a brief overview of the different types of edgebanders:

Laser – these involve the use of laser beams which melt the surface of the material in preparation to be glued. Once complete, the material is immediately pressed onto the workpiece.

Hot Air – by using compressed, heated air to activate the adhesive layer of the material, hot air edgebanders allow the material to fuse seamlessly with the workpiece.

EVA/PUR Hot Melt – the most popular form of edgebander, these offer incredibly strong and fast setting bonds with great heat resistance.

Contour/BAZ/Vector – applies edgebanding to shaped parts and also trims and scrapes at the same time.

At RJ Woodworking Machinery, we stock a range of high-quality edgebanders from our exclusive manufacturers Cehisa and SCM. These edgebanders come in a number of styles, prices and sizes – allowing us to cater our machinery to all needs and budgets.

Our edgebanders offer unbeatable quality, precision and features.


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