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Category: Planer Thicknessers

Planer thicknessers are an incredibly useful addition to any professional, or even novice workshop as they make for a refined, even final product that is free of inconsistencies throughout their surface. They ensure a consistent thickness throughout the products length whilst operating with ease, efficiency and speed. Using rollers, the wood is drawn through the machine which is then cut to the appropriate thickness across its width via just one single pass. The design of a thicknesser varies according to the type but it mostly consists of three parts:

cutter head – made of the cutting knives
set of rollers – pulls the board through the machine
an adjustable table – helps to control the final thickness of the board

Planer thicknessers are often used in Europe to replace the separate functions of a jointer and thickness planer in one single machine. You might be more familiar with the term over-and-under for this machine. They have powerful motors and have the ability to process very wide boards whilst removing a substantial amount of material in a single pass.

We stock a selection of planer thicknessers for both small and larger-sized workshops. If you are unsure as to which planer thicknesser will be best suited to your woodworking needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Our Planer thicknessers

At RJ Woodworking, we stock a range of planer thicknessers perfectly suited towards both industrial-sized woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. All of our planer thicknessers are supplied by world-renowned manufacturers including SCM Group and Sedgwick. These manufacturers provide state of the art design, vast functionality, a compact, space-conserving structure and high-end technology. Our wide range of planer thicknessing machinery will make an excellent addition to your workshop, no matter how big or small and will prove useful for those looking to take their woodworking to the next level.


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