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Category: Window and Door Machinery

With a multitude of various machinery required for the production or refinement of doors and windows, RJ Woodworking stocks all the minor and major tools necessary for the creation of high-quality, market-friendly doors and windows.

This category is dedicated to the more critical machinery needed for doors and windows, the machinery that is responsible for handling the bulk of work involved in window and door production. With a selection of clamps and Vertongen’s machining centres (which allow for tenoning, profiling and an array of other functions), our equipment will leave you with excellent quality doors that will satisfy even the most demanding of customers.


Coming in both hydraulic and pneumatic form, cramps are a vital part in the production of windows and doors. Hydraulic cramps are used for heavier work that requires vigorous support. Pneumatic cramps are used for lighter, less intensive products such as bedroom and kitchen doors. For seamless joints in your doors and windows, cramps are the perfect solution – both pneumatic and hydraulic will leave you with a flawless-looking product, free of any obtrusive defects.

Machining Centres

Manufactured by Vertongen, the machining centres/window centres that we stock will provide you with the critical functions of window and door making, all from one compact machine. With advanced, intuitive software that allows ergonomic and thorough control of the machine, tenoning and profiling operations can be carried out effectively, productively and with ease. These machines will provide you with quality products that any workshop would be proud of manufacturing.

Our Window and Door Machinery

With each product in this category supplied by either Vertongen or SCM, be assured that all of these machines will serve their purpose with absolute durability and sturdiness. Both manufacturers utilize the most up-to-date technology and deliver exceptional quality machines that will remain robust and reliable for years to come.


Vertongen Machinery