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Despite being considered more of a nuisance than a danger, dust is a massively underrated threat to any property and/or people. When high concentrations of dust come into contact with a spark, a dust explosion can occur. Naturally, dust explosions can have disastrous impacts, especially on machinery – where they’re more likely to happen due to dust accumulation. This is the main reason why dust extractors are such a valued component of any workshop, effective dust extraction is far more of a necessity than it may first appear.

Luckily, we stock a varied lineup of dust extractors which are suitable for workshops with a range of characteristics and sizes. With safety, environmental friendliness and healthier surroundings being top priorities with machines like this, all of our models offer exceptional functionality and will ensure that your workshop is as dust-free as possible – most certainly dust-free enough to avoid any excessive accumulation.

With products from manufacturers such as SCM and Inventair, high production quality, exceptional functionality and long-lasting durability are absolutely assured.

Types of Dust Extractors

Single Bag – for less intensive, lightweight dust extracting, these single bag extractors will serve excellently. They are more suitable for compact machinery that produces lower amounts of dust and debris and for smaller workshops that aren’t in need of super-powerful filtration.

Double Bag – these are more appropriate for larger machines which produce greater amounts of dust and debris. Without a dust extractor, these larger machines will cause serious dust accumulation which can pose serious health hazards.

3-6 Bags – for much larger, heavy-duty machines and large workshops, these extractors with more than 2 bags will prove the solution to massive dust and debris accumulation. Heavy-duty machines that produce huge amounts of dust and debris require larger amounts of bags and much more powerful methods of dust extraction.


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