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Tenoning Machines

Tenoners (or tenoning machines) are a type of woodworking machinery that is used to create tenons, which are essentially wooden dowels that are used to join two pieces of wood together. Tenoners are relatively simple machines, but they are immensely useful in the world of woodworking. Tenoning is a process that has been used for centuries, and it is still one of the most efficient and reliable methods of joining wood. Tenoners can be used to create tenons of various sizes and shapes, and they can be used on a variety of different types of wood. In addition, tenoners can be fitted with a variety of different attachments, which allows them to be used for other types of woodworking tasks such as shaping and profiling.

What Are Tenoners?

Tenoners are specialised machines that quickly and accurately cut tenons. Tenoners usually have two horizontal cutting heads, each with its own set of blades. The workpiece is fed between the cutting heads, and the blades cut the tenon to the desired size and shape. Tenoners typically have adjustable fences that allow for different tenoning jigs sizes and shapes to be cut. In addition, most tenoners have a stop that limits the depth of the cut, ensuring that the tenon is not cut too deeply into the workpiece.

Whilst performing a core function of any woodworking workshop, tenoning machines are also quick and speedy to use and are capable of outputting great amounts of tenoned wood. With this kind of high productivity and by taking up a fraction of the space compared to other machines, a tenoning machine will provide a significant boost to the efficiency and productivity of any workshop.

How Do Tenoners Work?

Like a lock and key, tenons are the protruding shapes that fit into a mortice so that two wooden components can be seamlessly joined together. Naturally, tenoners are the machines that are used to create the tenon and are an integral part of any workshop that produces chairs, tables, other types of furniture and more. Along with a mortiser, a tenoner will allow you to produce full, finished furniture with clean, natural-looking joints.

What Are Tenons?

Tenons are an important carpentry joint used to join two pieces of wood together. Tenons are made by cutting a rectangular or tapered slot into one piece of wood, which is then inserted into a corresponding mortise (hole) and cut into the other piece. Tenons can be made using a tenoning machine, also known as a tenoner. 

Types of Tenoning Machines:

With two main types of tenoners, each one is suited to the type of product you’re producing. These include:

Single-ended Tenoners – these are designed to machine one single end of a workpiece at a time. Suitable for any pieces that have just one tenoned end rather than two. Typically used for products like chair legs and stair spindles.

Double-ended Tenoners – unlike single-ended tenoners, these are designed to machine workpieces that have two tenoned ends rather than the more common, single ends. Usually used for panels, doors and other components.

Our Tenoning Machines:

Stocking an array of advanced tenoning machines from Vertongen, each of our tenoners incorporates cutting-edge technology that will oversee high-precision, defect-free tenoning work fit for the most demanding and professional of woodworkers. Each Vertongen machine offers unmatched rigidity and excellent functionality.

We also stock a range of tenoners and tenoning machines supplied by Vertongen. Our range of heavy-duty tenoners will provide your workshop with an enormous boost in efficiency whilst perfecting the quality of your finished products.

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Frequently Asked questions

Who Supplies Your Tenoners?

Vertongen machinery is a leading provider of high-quality industrial woodworking machinery. Vertongen has been in business for over 100 years and has gained a reputation for providing top-quality woodworking machinery that has drastically improved workshops across the globe. Vertongen Machinery offers a range of products including tenoners/tenoning machines and profile moulders.

At RJ Woodworking Machinery, all of our tenoners are supplied by Vertongen due to the exceptional designs and functionality of each tenoner. These industrial machines will help your workshop deliver flawless products created with great efficiency.

Why Would I Need a Tenoner?

Tenoning machines can be used to create both through tenons (tenons that extend all the way through the thickness of the board) and blind tenons (tenons that are recessed within the board). While tenoners are not essential for every woodworking project, they can be very useful for creating strong and accurate joins. When operated properly, a tenoning machine can produce tenons that are perfectly sized and perfectly shaped to fit into their mortises, resulting in a much stronger joint than what could be achieved by hand. For these reasons, tenoners are an important tool for any serious woodworker.


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