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Edgebanders are the perfect solution to the harsh and unsightly edges of your sheet goods. These untreated edges aren’t just an eyesore, they make for difficult handling of the sheet and can easily cause scrapes and splinters. With the ability to process different types of wood and a variety of materials (including plyboard, polyester, Formica and melamine), Edgebanders will provide a significant boost to the durability of your processed materials whilst transforming the appearance from careless and rugged to neat, tidy and of much greater quality.

The edge banding process isn’t quite as simple as smoothing down rough edges. It involves a well-textured, thin strip of wood that is sealed tidily around the edges with adhesives. Adaptable to your needs, there are a few different types of Edgebanders that serve the same purpose but carry out slightly different processes.

Whether you’re working with veneered wood panels, softwood, hardwood or other materials, you’ll need to give them a proper finish by planing the edges with a wooden strip through adhesives. An Edgebanders will make short work of your edge banding needs.

We stock a selection of Edgebanders for both small and larger-sized companies, from world-renowned manufacturers including Cehisa and the SCM Group. If you are unsure as to which Edgebanders will be best suited to your woodworking needs or workshop size, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we’ll be more than happy to answer any question you may have.

Types of Edgebanders:

With an array of Edgebanders that each have different methods of reaching the same goal, the following list gives a brief overview of the different types of Edgebanders:

Laser – these involve the use of laser beams that melt the surface of the material in preparation to be glued. Once complete, the material is immediately pressed onto the workpiece.

Hot Air – by using compressed, heated air to activate the adhesive layer of the material, hot air Edgebanders allow the material to fuse seamlessly with the workpiece.

EVA/PUR Hot Melt – the most popular form of Edgebander, these offer incredibly strong and fast setting bonds with great heat resistance.

Contour/BAZ/Vector – applies edgebanding to shaped parts and also trims and scrapes at the same time.

Our Edgebanders:

Here at RJ Woodworking, we stock a vast range of Edgebanders all with varying strengths and abilities. Encompassing such a spectrum allows us to cater to various types of workshops and craftsmen, from lower-end, smaller workshops to higher-end, professional workshops. Whether you’re looking for a smaller investment or a larger, far more substantial investment, we’ll have you covered.

We also stock an array of Edgebanders from our exclusive manufacturers: SCM and Cehisa. Both of these manufacturers offer unparalleled levels of robustness and efficiency. They (like us) offer a spectrum of machines that cater to various types of workshops and craftsmen. For workshops seeking a highly advanced, flexible machine that can be truly adaptable to their needs and requirements, we stock the Cehisa Flexy series which includes a variety of optional features such as glue scrapers, end saws, tom/bottom trimmers, buffers, pre-milling units and more.


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