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Category: Portable Power Tools

Portable power tools can be a valuable piece of equipment to have in any kind of woodwork set up, whether you have a small workshop or a much larger operation. There will be a need to have a selection of power tools to assist with some of those smaller jobs; that could otherwise be difficult to compete with larger, more industrial machinery or even manual hand tools.

As the name suggests these power tools are portable, meaning that they can be easily and efficiently moved from job to job, allowing you to take your work on the go. Cordless and corded woodworking tools offer more portability, precise and manoeuvrable than other types of machinery.

Portable power tools get their power from rechargeable power sources or from a common household plug socket, meaning that they are more effective than manual hand tools and allow you to work in both remote locations and hard to get to spots. In a larger workshop or professional woodworking environment, the larger scale might mean that there is a need for extra power sources outside of the industrial standard machines, portable power tools are a great addition to any workshop looking for more options in their daily operation and for off-site client work that might require a powerful tool. Your portable power tool needs will depend entirely on your set up.

Please browse the selection of portable power tools we supply below, we are sure that we will have the best tools for your requirements. If you have any questions or would like more information on a machine in our range, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.


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