Category: Ripsaws

Rip saws are powerful, accurate and highly reliable machines which, at the same time, are simple and safe to operate. Rip saws are one of the most common additions to any workshop, featuring a protruding circular saw blade with adjustable blade height and tilting for the perfect finish no matter the size or requirement. Saw Benches and rip saws offer precision and robust build quality for use in a number of woodworking sectors including saw mills, timber frame production as well as general joinery needs.
It is one of the most commonly used pieces of workshop equipment so we advise considering the requirements and potential frequency of use before purchase. There are a number of functions that you may want to take into account in terms of your decision, some of the rip saws available are marketed as multi blade, others have tilting tables, offering a variety of different angles for cutting – perfect for any heavy duty workload with an emphasis on accuracy and safety.
We offer a comprehensive selection of ripsaws to suit a variety of different applications. Please feel free to browse our selection below. We are sure to stock the right type of machine for your company, such as the New Sedgwick TA315 Tilting Arbor Sawbench, available in single phase, with a blade tilt of 90-45 degrees max, a rip fence capacity of 610mm and a cross cut capacity of 620mm. We also have the New SCM Multi Blade M3 Rip Saw 35hp available to order with low friction slideways, automatic lubrication of feed tracks and 2 blade position indicators for cutting reference.


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