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A wall saw (otherwise known as a vertical panel saw) is a specialised piece of woodworking machinery that is used for cutting large sheets of material, such as plywood, MDF, melamine and particle board. 

For craftsmen who find themselves cutting up large wooden panels into smaller pieces, wall saws are the perfect product for you and your workshop. With similar functions to a standard horizontal panel saw, a wall saw takes the bulk of these functions and compacts them into a space-conserving, efficient, wall-mounted saw.

What Are Wall Saws?

Wall saws consist of a reciprocating blade mounted on a vertical track and are designed to be mounted onto a wall. Wall saws are available in a variety of sizes and configurations depending on the size of your workshop and the material you’ll be cutting. When choosing a panel saw, it is important to consider the size of the panel that will be cut, as well as the power and features of the wall saw. Wall saws are an essential tool for any woodworker or cabinetmaker, and can make quick work of even the largest cutting jobs.

The Difference Between Wall Saws and Panel Saws

Whereas horizontal panel saws come in a bulky table form and occupy a fair amount of space (especially in smaller workshops), a wall saw, as the name suggests, is mounted onto a wall and takes up a fraction of the floor space that a horizontal panel saw does. They offer exceptional accuracy and allow for the simple yet precise measuring of the panel.

Our Wall Saws:

With each of our wall saws supplied by specialist panel saw manufacturers Striebig – precision, stability, durability and safe operation are all absolutely guaranteed. All of our wall saws cover a variety of different measurements and capabilities as a means to provide for the different requirements of each workshop.

Each model features an array of advanced characteristics that make for a superior-quality wall saw. These features include:

– Full CE approval

– Super silent noise damping

– 3.9kw motor with electromagnetic motor brake

– Improved dust collection

– Exceptional beam stability for vast precision

If conserving space isn’t your priority, you can browse our range of vertical panel saws.

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