Category: Wall Saws

For craftsmen who find themselves cutting up large wooden panels into smaller pieces, wall saws may be the perfect product for you and your workshop. With similar functions to a standard, horizontal panel saw, a wall saw takes the bulk of these functions and compacts them into a space-conserving, efficient, wall-mounted saw.

Whereas horizontal panel saws come in a bulky table form and occupy a fair amount of space (especially in smaller workshops), a wall saw, as the name suggests, is mounted onto a wall and takes up a fraction of the floor space that a horizontal panel saw does. They offer exceptional accuracy and allow for the simple, yet precise measuring of the panel.

Our Wall Saws

With each of our wall saws supplied by specialist panel saw manufacturers Striebig – precision, stability, durability and safe operation are all absolutely guaranteed. All of our wall saws cover a variety of different measurements and capabilities as a means to provide for the differing requirements of each workshop.

Each model features an array of advanced characteristics that make for a superior quality wall saw, these features include:

Full CE approval
Super silent noise damping
3.9kw motor with electromagnetic motor brake
Improved dust collection
Exceptional beam stability for vast precision


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