Category: Mortisers

The perfect companion to a tenoning machine, a mortiser plays a critical role in any workshop. Having the ability to accurately carve square and rectangular holes into workpieces to create a mortise in a tenon joint, for the production of objects like chairs, tables, doors and just about any other major wood-based product possible.

With traditional mortising being performed by hand with the use of hammers and chisels, keeping up with demand and having an effective workflow would be hugely hampered. Using manual tools for mortising significantly bottlenecks productivity and efficiency and is an all-out dated means of woodworking (excluding for hobbyists). Cue mortisers, where mortising work can be effectively performed with few, swift movements of ergonomic hand wheels and levers. Mortisers move on both longitudinal and lateral levels on a single, or multi handwheel control to provide ease of operation and precise positioning for your mortising needs. Mortisers offer professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike a machine to save them time and effort on a project of any scale.

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Types of Mortisers

With a range of morticers from low-end to high-end, there are mortisers with varying characteristics and ones which will suit different types of workshops and craftsmen, they can be used in softwood and hardwood processes. For workshops with a more space cautious approach, table-mounted mortisers might prove the best, most effective option. This makes for the processing of smaller pieces yet being suited to smaller workshops, this should be a minor cost. Other mortisers are dedicated machines with a table-like structure. They’re capable of machining larger, more demanding workpieces and are more suited to professional workshops rather than smaller ones or DIY hobbyists.


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