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Single Phase Machinery

Our comprehensive range of single phase machinery covers a wide variety of different types of tools, under one easy-to-find category. 

Single phase machines are suitable for households and small businesses that run on the standard electricity supply of 240v. Single phase machinery is popular with semi-professional and hobbyist woodworkers who use the machines to create all types of woodworking products in their own homes, or their smaller-sized workshops.

Whether you are looking for a bandsaw, a dust extractor, a mortiser or a woodworking combination machine, we’ve put together an inclusive selection from some of the top manufacturers who will offer you the best choice of top-quality durable single phase machinery to suit the requirements of your business.

Advantages of Single Phase Machinery

There are a few advantages to single phase machines that don’t apply to 3 phase machines. These are:

Better for semi-professionals –

Due to their reduced electricity consumption, single phase machinery is perfect for home use. Unlike standard woodworking machinery which requires a lot of electricity, a single phase machine can be installed in your garage or work area with no need for an advanced supply of electricity.

Functionality –

Of course, 3-phase machine is more powerful and usually more effective. However, single phase machines still offer great performance and can be used to create high-quality woodworking products fit for both home use and sale.

Taking up less space –

Single phase machines are usually smaller in size than 3-phase machines, another reason why they’re a great choice for semi-professional and hobbyist woodworkers. You shouldn’t have many issues when having a single phase machine installed in your garage or workspace. Of course, always make sure to check the dimensions and specs before purchasing.

Our Single Phase Machinery:

At RJ Woodworking Machinery, we stock a range of single phase machinery consisting of only the most trusted and reliable of brands. Our whole range of single phase machinery includes bandsawsplaner thicknessersdust extractorsmortiserswoodworking combination machines and other woodworking machinery.

For those looking for higher-powered, professional woodworking machinery, we also offer 3-phase stock. Please contact us to check availability.

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