Category: Thicknessers

A thicknesser is an essential part of any workshop that wishes to produce wood-based products with consistently thick, flat surfaces that are free of any dents or irregularities. When crafting products such as cupboards, chairs and tables, the last thing you want is rough, uneven edges that will serve as nothing but an eyesore. This is where thicknessers come into play.

The thicknessing process itself is anything but time-consuming and can usually be accomplished within one swift use of the machine. Using a thicknesser requires little labour and is overall, a straightforward process. Having to pass the workpiece through the machine should only take a single operator, meaning that a thicknesser is a suitable addition even to a one-man workshop.

Despite being a crucial part of any workshop, these machines take up little space since they typically have a very compact, neat design and structure. This makes them a great fit for workshops of all sizes and calibres. Combined with the fact they require minimal operators, thicknessers truly can make an excellent addition to any and all workshops.

The significant boost and refinement that a thicknesser brings to a product make it highly cost-effective since your final products are going to be vastly polished and will be far more likely to sell and by extension, turn a profit with ease.

Each and every thicknesser that we offer has exceptional production quality and will provide highly effective thicknessing that will ensure your uneven edges are flattened and thickened to perfection.

All of our thicknessers are supplied by SCM and exemplify their advanced engineering and unparalleled robustness. These thicknessers will grant excellent performance whilst sustaining frequent usage for years to come. The durability of the machine will make it a valuable long term investment and thanks to the retainment of precision and accuracy despite usage, as a long term investment, these SCM thicknessers are a fantastic buy.


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