Category: Surface Planers

Sometimes referred to as a “jointer”, the surface planer is absolutely essential to any professional woodworking project as it is designed to work with both softwood and hardwood working. The planer machine is used for straightening wood, which might be chipped or twisted, by placing one side of a piece of solid timber and one face making sure that they are both straight and square to each other.

The accuracy of these surface planer machines is vital to ensure the overall precision and quality of the item you are making which relies on both the face edge and the face side being square to each other for an accurate fit. The machine can also be used for chamfering and bevelling with the addition of a couple of additions.

Modern technology has given surface planners a new set of user-friendly options that make woodworking jobs much easier and provide perfect results every time – including an infeed table, infeed table, ribbed cast iron table and Tersa cutter block, exclusive to the SCM series of surface planers.

Types of Surface Planers

Manual Planers

– less expensive than an electric or stationary planer
– sold in different style and sizes for any need
– used for smaller and more detailed projects, suitable for semi-professional woodworkers and D.I.Y enthusiasts

Electric Planers

– more powerful than a manual planer
– suitable for small and large projects
– available in a cord or cordless version, for ease of use

Stationary Planers

– suitable for large and more complex projects, perfect for professional woodworkers
– are larger and sit on their own table
– bigger strength than a manual or electric planer

AT RJ Woodworking Machinery, we stock a range of surface planers suitable for both small and large workshops and a variety of wood sizes. Plane surfaces and edges with ease thanks to our quality surface planer stock.


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