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Category: Cabinet Door Machinery

Every kitchen needs cabinet doors, and every workshop needs the right machinery to create them. From tenoners and mortisers to advanced machining centres, we have you covered. Supplied by Vertongen, our range of machinery can be used to create cabinet doors of all styles and sizes. Thanks to Vertongen’s design and engineering, all of our Vertongen machines allow for high-precision machining that can be carried out with ease via their operator-friendly, ergonomic designs.

Anyone who may prefer manually producing cabinet doors or craftsmen who produce highly detailed, bespoke cabinet doors, our wide range of tenoners, mortisers, boring machines, and all else will provide all the assistance you need. But for craftsmen who require a high-output of cabinet doors whilst maintaining excellent quality, our range of machining centres are the perfect solution for you.

From Vertongen’s new kitchen cabinet door production range, we proudly stock the Pentho Compact Kitchen, Profil Control Kitchen and the specialist Pentho Control Kitchen. Combining the advanced functionality of both the Pentho Compact and the Profil Control – the Pentho Control Kitchen is a combination of both machines that fuses the ability of each machine to create a far greater, more powerful one capable of the high-output production of a variety of cabinet doors.


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